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Below are just some of the books to which reference is made on this web site

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Mississippi Obsolete Notes & Scrip by Guy Kraus

The Coinage of Medieval Austria 1156 - 1521 by Alfred Szego

Tavern Checks from Liverpool and Vicinity by N.B. Tod

Bank of Communications (Chinese Banknotes) by John E . Sandrock

World Replacement Note Country List by Larry Parker

Modern World Paper Money Signatures Vol I Africa by Larry Parker

Das Bremer Notgeld KKK - Verlag by Kai Lindman

Catalogo De Billetes - Republica De Colombia Banco De La Republica 1923 - 2002 by Bernardo Gozalez White

Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain & Ireland Vol I & Vol II - Reprint by Spink & Son 1978

The Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopaedia by John W. Highfill

Chits, Chiselers and Funny Money by M.G.Pfefferkorn & J.F. Schimmel 1st ed 1977

Ecu - Katalog by Gerhard Schon

Philippine Paper Money by Neil Shafer

Welsh Industrial Tokens & Medals - Published by National Museum of Wales

Encyclopedia & Catalogue of Egyptian Money (banknotes) by Magday Hanafy & Ali Mehilba

El Papel Moneda Dominicano 1782 - 1912 by Miguel Estrella & Isaac Rudman

A Pictorial Catalogue of Papal Medals 1472-1942 (as struck by The Mint of Rome)

Medieval Coins in the Christian J.Thomsen Collection By Kristian Erslev

Collectors Coins Ireland 997AD to 2003 (21st Ed 2004) by R.J Marles

Catalogo de Monedas del Uruguay 1831-2002 by Marcos Silvera Antunez

Banknote Year Book 4th Ed  Published by Token Publishing Ltd

National Bank Notes from Bowling Green, KY by J.Fred Maples

World Polymer Banknotes: A Standard Reference 1st Ed 2005/6

A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars (The Official Red Book) by Q.David Bowers

La Moneda Circulante En El Territorio Argentino 1765 - 2005 by Hector Carlos Janson

Acquisitions of Medals (1983-1987) British Museum No 78 by Philip Attwood

Welsh Tokens of the 17th Century - Published by National Museum of Wales

Papal Coins ( A complete Catalogue of the Coins of the Popes from the Middle Ages to the Present ) by Allen G. Berman

Standard Catalogue of Hard Times Tokens 1832 - 1844 by Russell Rulau

Counterfeit Currency of the Confederate States of America by George B.Tremmel

Confederate States Paper Money (10th Ed) by Arlie R.Slabaugh

The Coins and Banknotes of Palestine Under the British Mandate 1927-1947 by Howard M.Berlin

Merchant and Privately Countermarked Coins (of the World) by Gregory G.Brunk

Irish Banknotes (Irish Paper Money 1783-2001 by Martan Mac Devitt

A Catalogue of Medals by John Pinches (A Catalogue of Works Struck by the Company from 1840 - 1969 by John Harvey Pinches Pub by Heraldry Today

Gum Guide 2 (Tradecards non sporting) By Paul hart

Seventeenth Century Tokens Of The British Isles (2004 ed) by Michael Dickinson

Catalogo de Billetes Argentinos 1897 - 2003 by Juan Carlos Lauenzano

Amonedacion de la Republica Argentina 1881 - 2004 by Hector Carlos Janson

The MoneyBucks Handbook: For Minting Errors & Die Varieties by Ray Balsbaugh 2nd Edition

Coins of the Sikhs

Standard Catalogue of Iranian Banknotes 2005 by F.N.Farahbakhsh

Standard Catalogue of the coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man by R Lobel (CoinCraft)

British Copper Tokens 1811 - 1820 by Paul & Bente Withers (ISBN 0951667157)

The Standard Handbook of $1 Web-Fed Test Notes 1988A,1993,1995 by B.Kvederas Jr & B. Kvederas Sr.

Bulgarian Coin Catalog 1881-1998 by Bulphila GmbH (ISBN 954-9013278)

Catalogue of Crystal Palace Medals & Tokens 1851-1936 by Leslie Lewis Allen

School Attendance Medals of England,Scotland and Wales  by Cedric Dry

The Coinage of Ethipia,Eritrea and Italian Somalia by Dennis Gill

Copper Coins of India Parts I and II by W.H. Valentine

US Military Tokens and Chits Used in Japan by John K. Kallman

 Pick - Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money  either Volume II or III

PS or S - Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money Volume I Specialized Issues

Schwan - World War II Remembered "history in your hands a numismatic study" by C.Frederick Schwan & Joseph E.Boling

B or Duggleby - English Paper Money by Vincent Duggleby

R or Rose - Die Banknoten Des Deutschen Reiches AB1871 to Present by Holger Rosenburg  (German Banknotes)

E - British Armed Forces Special Vouchers by T.F.A. van Elmpt

R - Cedulas Do Brazil 1833 a 1997 by C.Amato,I.Neves,J.Schutz (Paper Money of Brazil)

ZS - Paper Money of Serbia & Yugoslavia by Zeljko Stojanovic

Phila - Phila India Paper Money Catalogue

Russ - Complete Catalogue of Paper Money of Russia,USSR,CIS Countries

KM - Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2015
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801 -1900
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701 - 1800
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601 - 1700
By Krause Publications

World Notgeld 1914 - 1947 by Courtney L.Coffing

Catalogue of Bulgarian Banknotes by Bulgarian National Bank.

Mitch - Jetons,Medalets and Tokens British Isles circa 1558 to 1830 Vol III by Michael Mitchiner.

Bell - Unofficial Farthings 1820-1870 by R.C.Bell

ESC - English Silver Coinage Since 1649 - Present by P.Alan Rayner.

The Short Cross Coinage 1180-1247 Henry II to Henry III
The Voided Long Cross Coinage 1247-1279 Henry III to Edward I By Christopher R Wren

AC - Alaska's Coinage Through The Years By M.M.Gould,
K.Bressett,Kaye & Nancy Dethridge

G - Monnaies Francaises 1789-1989 By Victor Gadoury

GT - German Tokens Part I By Jerry F.Schimmel

A Photographic Grading Guide for US Coins (Photograde) By
James F.Ruddy

Official A.N.A Grading Standards for US Coins

A Guide Book of United States Coins (Red Book) by 

BSC - British Silver Coins Since 1816 By Peter J Davies

Breen - Complete Encyclopaedia of US & Colonial Coins By
Walter Breen

Coin Dealer Newsletter, popularly known as "the Greysheet" CDN also publishes the Bluesheet, which lists sight unseen prices for certified coins, and the Greensheet, which covers paper money (U.S.Coins & Banknotes Only)

Standard Catalog of Stocks & Bonds by R.Stahlberg with C.R.Bruce II (Krause Pub)

Latin American Tokens 2nd Edition by Russell Ralau (Krause Pub)

Medals of British India (with Rarity and Valuations) Vol 1 Commemorative and
Historical Medals from 1750 to 1947 by Robert P.Puddester

Paper Currency of the Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902 by John Ineson

Communion Tokens of the World 1st Printing 1999 by Lester M.Burzinski

The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain by Michael J.Freeman

Collectors Military Money British Military Authority and British Armed Forces by
R.J.Marles 1st Ed (Rotograhic Publications)

Collectors Coins Great Britain 2006 (1797 to 2004) 
33nd Ed (Rotograhic Publications)

Collectors Coins George III (Great Britain) by
R.J.Marles 1st Ed (Rotograhic Publications)

British Coins Market Values 2006 (Pub by IPC Media)

The Medals and Medallions of the British Empire Exhibition (Wembley) 1924-25 by Trevor I. Harris

Les Billets emis par la Banque Centrale d Argentine 1935-2001 by Serge Donelli

Little Gems - A collection and history of Enamelled Coins and Tokens 1800-1920's by I W Chick

Standard Catalogue of English & UK Coins 1066 to Date by coincraft

Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money of the 20th Century 2nd Ed by Lance K Campbell

Unusual World Coins 5th Ed by Colin R Bruce II (Krause Publications)

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