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You (the user/client/customer of this web site) agree to the terms set out below by using/visiting this web site for information, hobby, 
guide, reference,buying, selling or any other reason you might visit this site.

1.WorldWide coins* shall not beheld responsible for Loss of Life and/or Property, Money ,Time etc... that you may incur due to
any reason that You might visit/use this site. (By using this site, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. 
If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you may not use/enter this site. We may modify these Terms and 
Conditions at anytime. The creator of this page or the ISP host and any content on this site take NO responsibility for the 
way you use the information or items provided on this site. You can NOT threaten, prosecute, or sue any person(s) affiliated 
with this page/site which includes family, friends, or individuals who run or enter this web site. If you enter this site and you 
are not agreeing to these terms, you must leave immediately.)

2.Any Information you use from this web site is at your choice and that you must check/verify that the information is correct. 

3.Any links that you use/follow from this web site is at your own choice and world wide coins does not screen/vet any other web 
   sites linked to or from this site.

4.You the User by purchasing/ordering from this web site agree to the terms setout on this page the following pages
Buynow  Shipping  Prices 

5.All goods remain the property of WorldWide Coins until fully paid for.

6.WorldWide Coins retains all customer(s) information for a period of six months of initial contact by You (the customer/client)
   see privacy statement .

7.*WorldWide Coins refers to a group of holding/trading names that this web site trades/users in day to day business  see Domains

8.Prices correct at time of publishing/updating of this site but can be altered/reviewed at any time without notice by WorldWide Coins.

9.All goods are offered forsale subject to being unsold/held or up for auction.

10. All goods are shipped within 36 hours after payment/and or payment has cleared/received.

11.We only ship goods to amount received/paid to us which must include all our costs (shipping - banking charges etc.)

12.All item(s) are shipped at buyers risk unless insured/registered mail is used/requested at the time of ordering.

13. Allow up to 28 days from date of shipment for your goods to arrive.

14. Worldwidecoins can not guarantee delivery of any items within 28 days due to events beyond our control (Strike's by postal workers
or postal services - companies ,Terrorism by any state, person(s) or government , Natural events or disasters ,Any Law(s) being passed by
country, government or state that may affect export or import of any items ordered, War , Trade embargoes , Manmade events or disasters.

15. The grade of the items we sell are our opinion of the state of preservation at the time of sale.
No warranty, expressed or implied is made to these descriptions which can and do vary among grading experts.
The interpretation of these standards has also changed over time and may do so in the future

Everything guaranteed genuine &/or as described. If not, send it back. Lifetime return privilege on items sold as genuine that turn out to be fake.  
(That's my lifetime.  Don't ask my heirs to fix something for you 50 years from now!)

No-hassle return in reasonable time, no questions asked.  Returns deemed to be absurd due to low value or ridiculous reason may result in
termination of the business relationship without notice.If you don't know the parameters of quality, authenticity, pricing, etc. of the thing you're
buying ask me and I'll be more than happy to tell you what I think and what I know.  But if you don't and you assume I'm trying to cheat you
somehow I'll get all huffy inside and while I'm smilingly refunding your money I'll also be crossing you off my list.  Life is too short for both of us.)

Form of refund is at my option.  This means that if you paid by credit card you MAY get a refund by cheque.
This is because credit card transactions carry fees in both directions, at least mine do.
If I'm going to pay 3.9% + 0.20 each way I may opt to write you a cheque instead.
Sorry for possible inconvenience.

You pay the invoiced shipping costs.  Shipping costs are based on 1) actual shipping costs & 2) Packing Materials.
Shipping in UK is usually by 1st class mail (0.50 minimum).  Overseas methods vary and will be agreed on in advance.

I ship several hundred parcels overseas every year.Maybe 3-5 get lost, but registered shipments will recover no more than 30.00
depending on what was written on the customs form.  Overseas shipments are AT THE BUYER'S RISK.  Sorry.  
The sole exception is if I ship by Registered post with insurance, in which case the customs sticker must reflect accurate value.
 VAT or a duty maybe payable by you upon receipt of goods

You are welcome to ask for a discount and/or make counteroffers.  
I may or may not grant the discount or accept your offer.
Reductions will pretty much never happen for transactions of less than 100.00

Disclaimer: Pictured notes are for likeness only. Serial numbers, prefix's or signature may differ.
Please refer to the Pick number. For multiple signatures of the same Pick number please "contact us" to confirm which is in stock. Thank You

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