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If you collect you need books because without books your buying blind

Top Tip  Buy the Books before buying the coins / banknotes

When I started collecting I did not buy any books just thought a waste of money
how wrong I was, got cheated so many times by buying over graded & over priced coins
Soon wised up and bought a few books.

I have personally chosen the books below that I think would help you the collector get the maximum
enjoyment out of your coin or paper money collection. 

My own personal library consists of over 3000 Books, Catalogues & Pamphlets on numismatics

Collect world paper money then these books are the BIBLES of the banknote collector
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2009 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money 1961-2009 Modern Issues

NEW Edition

Volume III 15th Edition

This 1016-page softcover is the most comprehensive reference for modern world paper money ever published. The new 8th edition includes current market values for more than 12,500 notes in three grades of condition, and over 11,000 photos and illustrations. 380 + note-issuing authorities are covered including all notes issued from 1961 to present.This is the KEY book if your serious about collecting banknotes.

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues NEW EDITION

Volume II, 12th Edition

Solidify your authority on world paper money with this long awaited NEW Edition. 19,000+ listings from 230 note-issuing authorities. This 1144-page hardcover is the only English language reference for pre-1960 banknotes. Now with over 5200 photos & 50,000 up-to-date prices. This is another KEY book to have in your library.

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, 
Specialized Issues

Volume I, 10th Edition

The demand for collectible world paper money continues to grow, and the ninth edition of this definitive resource for specialised paper notes is completely updated and expanded to reflect the most current values and new varieties. Comprehensive coverage includes Central and South American provincial, private and commercial bank issues; foreign, military, provincial and early Communist bank issues of China, European Colonial and Worldwide Revolutionary issues, and numerous other notes. Over 8,500 photographs aid in the identification of over 17,500 notes. Values for each note are listed in up to three grades of preservation for a total of more than 52,000 prices. Additional information includes international grading terminology, foreign exchange rates, dating charts and standards, and international numeral systems. Numerous historical facts and illustrations are provided

A Guide & Checklist World Notgeld 1914 - 1947 and other Local Issue Emergency Money

New 2nd Edition

The Largest Worldwide Notgeld Reference.Now at last you can find those notgeld in one go.13,000 entries of notgeld - emergency money issued during wartime and other crisis - are alphabetically listed by both country and city. Metal, paper and cloth materials from the 60 nations that issued emergency money between 1914 and 1947 are included and there is a rarity grading index.A comprehensive book is a must have guide with over 1000 photos.If your serious about collecting Paper Money then this is one book you need.

Collect world coins then these books are the BIBLES of the coin collector
Click on a cover to buy directly from at a discount!

2006 Standard Catalogue of World Coins 1901 - 2000

34th Edition

Complete coverage makes a “world” of difference! Taking world coin collecting by storm, this annual best seller is the only single volume available, offering complete coverage from 1901 to present. More than one million prices are provided (listings price coins in up to five grades of condition) along with nearly 50,000 obverse and reverse illustrations to make coin identification fast and easy.

Standard Catalog of World Coins: 2001 to Date

New 1st Edition

A new edition to complete the Standard catalogue range of books on world coins.This book covers 2000 to present day coinage a MUST HAVE buy for any collector interested in modern world coins

Standard Catalogue of World Coins 
1801 - 1900

4th Edition

Solidify your authority on world coins with this long awaited NEW Edition.Heavily illustrated with newer and better photos for identification with most photos actual size.Same format as the 1901-2001 world coin book you just know your onto a winner with this book again this is another must have book in your library. I use my copy on a daily basis.

The Early Paper Money of America 
Colonial Currency 1696-1810

Standard Catalogue of World Coins 1701 - 1800

3rd Edition

Again same format of all the World Coin books with over 17,800 photos,and price for all world coins 1701-1800 this has got tobe another great buy.


Coins of Northern Europe & Russia

This 600-page volume contains coins from countries including Poland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Sweden and Russia. With this new reference, collectors will.Discover current pricing to help with purchases and assessing collections.Easily identify coins with the help of more than 5,000 photos and illustrations.Quickly determine value for coins of Northern Europe & Russia issued between the late 1800s - 2000

Standard Catalog of World Coins Spain, 
Portugal and the New World: Spanish Colonies, 
Possessions and New Republics 
(Standard Catalog of World Coins)

2002 Edition

This all-encompassing coin price guide covers Spain and 
all of her governed lands from 1601 to date. 
That's four centuries
of Spanish coins from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Central American 
States, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Portugal, Spanish 
Netherlands, Uruguay, Venezuela and more. T

Recommended Reading  Click on Cover

Hard Times Tokens, 1832-44:
Hard Times Token prices continue to gain solid ground

Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900 (Standard Catalog of United States Tokens, 1700-1900

Early American Tokens:
Catalogue of the Merchant and Related Tokens of Colonial and Early Republican America from 1700 to 1832

Unusual World Coins: Companion Volume to Standard Catalog of World Coins

Coin collectors who can't locate listings for those odd or novelty coins in their collections will find them in this long-awaited fourth edition of Unusual World Coins.

Collecting World Coins

Collecting World Coins: A Century of Circulating Issues, 1901-present

Collectors Banknotes: Treasury and Bank of England

The Official One-Minute Coin Expert

Coins of the Sikhs

The Expert's Guide to Collecting & Investing in Rare Coins: Secrets of Success: Coins, Tokens, Medals, Paper Money

National Bank Notes from Frederick, Md.: A Guide to the Currency and Bank Officers

100 Greatest American Currency Notes: The Stories Behind the Most Fascinating Colonial, Confederate, Federal, Obsolete, and Private American Notes

United States Paper Money Errors: A Comprehensive Catalog and Price Guide

Counterfeit Currency of the Confederate States of America

The first part of the book is an historical narrative that discusses the events and people involved in the production and passing of counterfeit currency, and the counter-measures of the Confederate Treasury Department

Confederate States Paper Money

Back for a 10th edition, this numismatic industry bible has updated pricing and expanded listings.

Standard Catalog Of" Small-Size US Paper Money: 1928 to Date
Collectors and dealers with a passion for small-size paper money will seek out this all-encompassing guide to stay on the crest of an ever-changing market.

A Guide Book of United States Paper Money: Complete Source for History, Grading, and Prices

The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill

National Bank Notes from Bowling Green, KY: First Edition, September 2004

Standard Guide to Small Size U.S. Paper Money: 1928 to Date

The Inside Story of the State Quarters: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at America's Favorite New Coins (Official Whitman Guidebook)

A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels: Complete Source for History, Grading, and Prices 
(Official Red Book)

Standard Catalog Of" United States Paper Money

A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars:(Official Red Book)

A Guide Book of Modern United States Proof Coin Sets: Silver and Clad Sets 1936 to Date

Official ANA Grading and Standards Guide  for United States Coins

Walter Breen's Encyclopaedia of U.S. Coins
This is the ultimate book on American numismatics, and I use it almost every day. Walter Breen was the most dedicated researcher imaginable

2006 Handbook of United States Coins
 The Official Blue Book

Gold Coins Of The Dahlonega Mint: 1838-1861

The MoneyBucks Handbook: For Minting Errors & Die Varieties

The Mint on Carson Street: A Tribute to the Carson City Mint & a Guide to a Complete Set of "CC" Coins

Coin World 2005 Guide to U.S. Coins: Prices & Value Trends

Official 2006 Blackbook Price Guide to World Coins

A Guide Book of Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents: Complete Source for History, Grading, and Prices (Official Red Book)

A Guide Book of United States Coins 2007: The Official Red Book (Guide Book of U.S. Coins: The Official Redbook (Paperback)

Fell Coins Official Know-It-All's Guide to Coins

Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of the Coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Collectors' George III Coins

Coins of England and the United Kingdom: Standard Catalogue of British Coins

Collectors Coins: Ireland

britishcoinbook.jpg (19580 bytes)
British Coins Market Values 2006

Coincraft's 2000 Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to Date

Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2006
A book containing enough general and specialised information to suit novice and experienced numismatists alike. Collectors' Coins Great Britain is published annually and contains market values for all British non gold coins from the beginning of the introduction of steam powered coin presses (1797) until now.

The Banknote Yearbook
A Price Guide and Catalogue of English,Scottish,
Irish,Channel Island Banknotes

englishpapermoneybook.jpg (17101 bytes)
English Paper Money: Treasury and Bank of England Notes 1694-2002

This is the standard catalogue of English Paper Money which lists the Treasury Notes of 1914-1928; the pre-1928 issues of the Bank of England

Sceattas - An Illustrated Guide: Anglo-Saxon Coins and Icons

Coinage and History in the North Sea World, C. 500-1250: Essays in Honour of Marion Archibald (Northern World S.)

Standard Catalog Of  World Gold Coins

This revised and expanded fifth edition of Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins is the most accurate and thorough reference for collectible gold coins, now with updated prices to reflect the recent substantial movement in the market.

Coins Of India (1835-2002 A.D.)
 (Elementary Numismatic Studies)

Chinese Cash: Identification and Price Guide by David Jen

The Ruler Portraits of Anglo-Saxon England (Anglo-Saxon Studies)

Arab Byzantine Coinage (Studies in the Khalili Collection)

British and Irish Campaign Medals: 1899 to 2006

British Campaign Medals, 1914-2005 (Shire Album S.)

Show Me the Money!: 
The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Advertising Prop Money

Coincraft's Catalogue of Crystal Palace Medals and Tokens: 1851-1936

Coin Collecting for Dummies

Standard Catalog of Stocks and Bonds

The British Museum Book of Badges

Superhobby Investing: Making money from antiques, coins, stamps, wine, woodland and other alternative assets  

Roman Coins and Their Values: Volume 1

Roman Coins and Their Values: Volume 2

Roman Base Metal Coins
A Price Guide
A fully updated Price guide of over 630 base metal Roman coins dated 241 BC - 498 AD, with their market values, notes on changes in the coinage over the years and over 640 drawings to aid identification

Roman Silver Coins: A Price Guide: Roman Silver Pt. 2

Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins



The Coins and Banknotes of Palestine Under the British Mandate, 1927-1947

Coins and Currency of the Middle East

Cobs, Pieces and Eight and Treasure Coins: The Early Spanish-American Mints and Their Coinages 1536-1773

Coins of India: Power and Communication

New Iraqi Dinar Investment Guide

A Silver Legend: The Story of the Maria Theresa Thaler

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